Apparently, people are writing dumb things about Seattle on the internet every day. Yesterday, after I wrote about a totally vapid post claiming to be made up of "Things You Should Know About Seattle," Slog tipper Zachary let me know about this post on an East Portland blog, which is apparently about The Funhouse:

The Generators are going to put on a wild show and are a must see for any oi fans out there. This will also be one of the last shows played at Seattle’s foremost punk venue, The Fun Club. It closes at the end of October and will be torn down to make way for some “redevelopment,” which really means more faceless buildings with all the architectural imagination of a cardboard box. Which also means another nail in the coffin of anything making Seattle unique. I guess it’s more important to have faceless buildings that could be anywhere, USA than it is to give youth (and old die-hard punkers like myself) a place to hang out and see bands perform. I’m all for holding a funeral, not only for the club, but for the death of Seattle as a place with unique structures and beauty and a place that values diversity.

Fuck the man! Fun Club 4eva!