Right the fuck ON, Walmart employees!

One day after Walmart employees in twelve states launched a major strike, today workers issued an ultimatum to the retail giant: Stop retaliating against workers trying to organize, or the year’s most important shopping day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, will see the biggest disruptions yet. The announcement comes as 200 workers – some of them currently striking – have converged in the Walmart’s Bentonville, Arkansas hometown outside the company’s annual investors meeting. It offers a new potential challenge to Walmart, and a new test for OUR Walmart, the labor-backed organization that’s pulled off the first two multi-store U.S. strikes in Walmart history.

I would love this so much. Over the last few years, television news media has turned Black Friday into such an event that they'd be forced to cover these protests, which means that lots of American families would wind up discussing unions and the rights of workers over the long holiday weekend. That's got to be a good thing.