It's a women's small, but it is REALLY small—like for a miniature adult human or a midsized child. Are you one of the former, or do you have one of the latter upon the trunk of which you'd like to foist your political views? Are you coming to Havana tonight to watch the vice-presidential debate? Is Michelle Obama calling buyers of this shirt fat?

Be first in comments to claim this very small t-shirt (I only tried it on over another shirt), and collect it this very evening from the Live-Slogging Mezzanine at Havana at or after 5:30 p.m. (the show starts at 6!).

And hey, have you stopped fucking panicking? Time to buy some swell Obama merch! I have now ordered this t-shirt, which comes in a wider variety of sizes, so I'm guessing it won't be miniature. And they've got state-specific t-shirts (in normal men's sizes), plus buttons and iPhone cases and mugs and even a big sturdy spatula. Hit a Republican with it!*

*Don't really.