A Scene from "Superior Donuts"


The only black poet I've read seriously is Lucille Clifton. Some Giovanni, but only casually. And you know how aesthetic taste changes, well, I tried to re-read Clifton after several years, and it didn't do it for me. So there, I'm a racist, liking no Black poets. One more thing though, among my favorite poets are the Spanish, Neruda and Lorca. Not necessarily for their political views, just their (translated) language fluidity. And if I'm not mistaken, on civil service forms where one has to identify one's race, I believe Spain may be included in the Northern African subset of race. So, maybe I'm not racist??
To be fair, I probably can't name 10 white poets either.
I'm glad you enjoyed the show... I think it's proof that the most important thing behind a solid theater production is a good script.