Tunnel Vision


I'm a native New Yorker and a lifelong Yankees fan - I went to lots of games as a kid, but I grew up in the suburbs, so we drove. Before they built the new stadium, suburban rail access was minimal; you had to take the subway in order to avoid driving. When they built the new stadium, they built a commuter rail station that connected to all 3 lines of the second-heaviest used commuter rail system in the country. Damn right we're not driving anymore and paying 30 dollars to park. We drive a few minutes down the hill to my dad's condo, then walk to the train station. The new rail station must be taking at least a few thousand people -- every game -- out of cars to the ballgame. Hooray for transit!
That sure sounds like the 99 Tunnel.

Totally insane.

By the way, the bus redeploy still has commutes taking longer for a lot of people on the North End along the Ship Canal. Looks good on paper, but means lots more walking just to get to a bus that goes PART way.
*cough* Rapid Ride *cough*
@3 yeah, but if you're not in the RR zone, you're slower. If I wanted to go N-S it would be great. But anyone doing NE-SW or SE-NW that doesn't go thru downtown is SOOL.
Building stadiums for sports teams is always such a great deal -- what could go wrong?
Only a schmuck drives to a Yankee game. What a nightmare. Just like the newbies who say "meet me at the baseball bat". Where there are about 5000 people waiting to meet up with their friends.

Go Yanks!
Tacoma Dome has its own rail station with access to local LINK, Sounder from Seattle and Amtrak.

Perfect for an NBA home.