Cheese Wizards Needs to Level Up


The grilled cheese at Mike's Chili parlor and Tavern is 50.50$
(unless they've changed that for all of the yuppie trash that ruined Ballard)
I make mine for ... (does math) ... about 45 cents each.


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Isn't the point of street food to get something fast and cheap...not hella bourgie and overpriced?
These guys are much better:…, plus no D&D overhead. They were at Hilliards on Fridays, not sure that's still the case.
Complaining about spicy sauce being too spicy... oh, Seattle.
I think that when this place was mentioned on Slog last week we were all pretty much turned off by spending that much money on a grilled cheese sandwich without actually spending that much money on a grilled cheese sandwich.


That's a pretty goddamn confusing amount to charge for a sandwich.


Indeed. For all the wonderful food cart pods down here in Portland, I always struggle to locate a $6 lunch (aside from wonderful, wonderful taco carts.)
@5 "My fried rice was so salty I couldn't even eat it!" "Ha, well, geez, it has SOY SAUCE in it, I mean what were you expecting? OH SEATTLE!"
Looks like someone needs to add a few more ranks to their Profession: Chef skill.

Probably cross-class though.

Real bread (you've obviously never had any), real cheese and running a real (small) business cost money. That's the reality, unpaid intern. When you are looking to get paid, remind them that you write real articles, with real words and have to make a living.