The Romney campaign is giving away an electric guitar signed by Paul Ryan and Kid Rock. Meg at Cognitive Dissonance noticed that the guitar looks like an Epiphone model. Stranger music expert Dave Segal independently came to the conclusion that it's an Epiphone guitar based on the shape of the "head stock," which is apparently a thing. Why does this matter? As Cognitive Dissonance notes, Epiphone guitars are made in China:

The effectiveness of combining Epiphone and Gibson expertise and experience with Asian production efficiencies ushered in a new era for Epiphone and brought about exceptional instruments at price points the average working musician could afford. That tradition continues today at Epiphone’s Gibson Qingdao (GQ) factory near Qingdao, China where only Epiphone instruments are crafted.

If Mitt Romney knows about anything, it's the importance of "Asian production efficiencies." I'm not surprised to see Romney and Ryan promoting Chinese-built musical instruments, but you'd expect a little more patriotism from Kid Rock, who likes to talk about freedom at any opportunity. I guess the people who make your guitars don't count, as long as the music that comes out of those guitars is sweet, southern-fried American rock: