If you're one of those "independent thinkers" who doesn't rely on—or altogether trust—our handy SECB endorsement cheat sheet (due out this week, squee) to fill out your ballot, tomorrow's your shot to personally vet a herd of candidates before you vote.

On Tuesday, October 16, the nonpartisan, nonprofit group, the Seattle City Club, is hosting a booze-filled soiree for people who want face time with this season's hottest* candidates. The booze-gnosh-political-party-platter begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Seattle Center Armory (305 Harrison St.).

A whole array of political frenemies will be attending the bash, including:

Ron Bemis, candidate US Congress (7th CD)
Representative for Jim McDermott, candidate US Congress (7th CD)

Bob Hasegawa, candidate State Senate (11th LD)
Kristin Thompson, candidate State Senate (11th LD)

Reuven Carlyle, candidate State Representative (36th LD-1)

Noel Frame, candidate State Representative (36th LD-2)

Steve Strachan, candidate King County Sheriff
John Urquhart, candidate King County Sheriff

Sheryl Gordon McCloud, candidate State Supreme Court (Position No. 9)

Yes on 1240, Charter Schools Initiative
No on I-1240, Charter Schools Initiative
People for our Public Schools, No on I-1240, Charter Schools Initiative

Vote No on I-502, Marijuana Legalization
New Approach Washington (Yes on I-502), Marijuana Legalization

Preserve Marriage Washington (No on Referendum 74), same-sex marriage
Washington United for Marriage (Yes on Referendum 74), same-sex marriage

If you're afraid of missing the 6:00 p.m. Presidential and 8:00 p.m. Gubernatorial debates, don't worry—they'll be broadcast at the Armory. And if the alcohol gods favor us, we may see a smack down (or at least some involved yelling) by the end of the night.