As Cienna noted in an earlier post, a three-judge panel of the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out Seattle's first-in-the-nation phonebook delivery opt-out ordinance as a violation of the phonebook companies' First Amendment rights. I hadn't realized the First Amendment guaranteed corporations the right to dump unwanted phonebooks on my doorstep, but whatever.

Perhaps the city will appeal, I dunno, but in the meanwhile I suggest that Seattle City Council members pursue a more creative solution: Ban delivery of phonebooks in PLASTIC BAGS!

Sure, that won't stop delivery to apartment building vestibules and covered porches, but in much of residential Seattle it would make phonebook delivery impractical for nine, ten months of the year. For if there's anything more pointless in the Internet age than a phonebook, it's a soggy phonebook. Plus, the courts have already upheld municipal plastic bag bans.

Fuck you, Yellow Pages!

As for me, I intend to post signs on my property: "No Trespassing: Phonebook Deliverers Will Be Shot!"