With all the million-dollar paintings cluttering the world, thieves just have to come and take them away—at least that's what it feels like lately. There's an art theft every few days, it seems. (Add in graffiti, and there's somebody always messing with the walls at museums.) Another theft came in the night at the Rotterdam Kunsthal, when a crew carted off a bunch of paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Lucian Freud, and some guy named Meyer de Haan.

Now first, about de Haan. The Guardian speculates his painting may not even have been stolen intentionally, but may have been mistaken for a Matisse. Poor de Haan. Things weren't necessarily easier for him in life than in death. He was 4 foot 11 and had a humpback. Here's a really good overview of his life story with lots of images, written on the occasion of an exhibition of his work in 2010 at the Musée d'Orsay.

Second, Rem Koolhaas is being blamed for the theft. Folks say the Dutch architect's big old glassy building (plenty of images here) is "a nightmare to protect." Good thing we don't keep multimillion-dollar paintings in Koolhaas's Seattle Public Library Central Branch. I like that diamondously porous feeling.

And last, though it's not related but feels related in my brain, here's Hyperallergic's terrific GIF adaptation of the works of Hungarian artist Bence Hajdu. Hadju removes the people from Old Masters paintings. I like the Fra Angelico annunciation best. Enjoy.