I'm working on a piece about tonight's debate, but the YouTubes are quicker than the written analysis. So here are the most important moments in the debate, for your viewing pleasure. Here's the moment when everyone realized this wasn't going to be a repeat of the first debate, when President Obama called out Romney for his lies:

Here's Mitt Romney's first major mistake of the evening—his weird, rambling anecdote about having "binders full of women," and his statement that women need to be home to make dinner at certain times.

Here's the clip that everyone was losing their shit over: President Obama's pension zinger:

This is the moment when President Obama completely took charge over Romney, chiding him with a wagging finger and saying "That's not what we do." Romney responded with a lie—President Obama's "please proceed" is cold-blooded—which Candy Crowley then disproves. President Obama showed anger in a very presidential way; it's possibly the most emotion he's yet shown in a debate. I'd say this is the moment when every Republican probably gave up any hope that the debate could be turned around.

And, finally, President Obama's flawless closing statement: