It's official! We have the most submissions *EVER* which means (probably!) the best program ever. Thanks (and good luck!) to all the horny-porny filmmakers! To everyone else who wants to go and see HUMP!—here's an update on tickets.
I have to say, the midnight Saturday show sure is a fun one. Who doesn't want to drink tequila at HUMP!? Nobody, that's who!

Tickets to the following Seattle shows are SOLD OUT:

Friday, 11/9 9:30 pm
(but there are 60 tickets left to the 7 pm show - get them now!)
Saturday, 11/10 7 pm; 9:30 pm
(Why would you NOT see the midnight show on Saturday? Midnight shows are THE MOST FUN of all the shows)

Friday, 11/16 8 pm & 10 pm
Saturday, 11/17 8 pm & 10 pm
(This midnight Saturday show is the guaranteed best because it is the LAST HUMP of 2012. Watch us destroy the submissions live on stage and drink some tequila about it.)

  • Jake clifford, 2010 HUMP!