I Hereby Proclaim Today to Be Carol Costello Day


"Mr. Fischer, thanks for sharing your views, I guess."
Good job, but when will they stop having these lunatics on their show?
If I didn't already have a husband I might be asking Carol Costello to be my wife right now.
@2 Giving people a podium for crazy vs shining a light on the crazy is completely different.

She doesn't validate his views and, in fact, calls him out on his lies before hanging up. If you give them airtime this is how to do it.
That was an entirely respectful and civil way to handle someone who had nothing more to say than, "Nuh-uh!!"

And despite how completely unreasonable and disrespectful Fischer and his ilk are, we're better served by remaining civil when we cut them off. And cut them off we should, probably sooner than 5 minutes.
We're impressed that Carol managed not to cover her ears in terror as she shrieked "that's just not true....that's just not true..." before he had even gotten the sentence half way out.

The Left hate to hear the Truth about the health consequences of homosexual behavior.
@6, she didn't raise her voice in the least, and you accuse her of "shrieking"? Your moniker is right, you're really not listening.