Marriage for All Families: Stories From Washington


'twas lovely. It made me tear up.
Adorable. It is so Jamie that his hanging-around-the-house costume choice would be a crisply pressed oxford.
@2 - I'm pretty sure he sleeps in a trouser press. Like a vampire, but with more starch and much less soil.
I want to be adopted by any of those parents. I'm 48, cute, potty-trained, pick up after myself.

Can't wait to vote yes on R-74. I'm going to make a copy of my ballot before I mail it, just like I did with my Obama 2008 ballot, as a memento of my part in this country getting better.



then you'll be happy,
we're sure,
to cover our family's portion of the debt that your hero has run up in four years?

we'll get the bill in the mail today......
There's all this moisture around my eyes and a little on my cheeks. I hope this goes well for you guys. Marriage equality is the only right thing, and life in Canada has only gotten better since we made the change.
@4 *My hero*, in the first DAYS of his presidency, kept the country's economy from completely collapsing from the gross, greedy, reckless mismanagement in the three Bush terms. The short memory span of Obama's opponents astounds me. At the end of 2007 I was researching whether I could raise enough animals and grow enough food on my small city lot to sustain myself if need be. Those were some very dark days if you'll recall correctly.

So yes, it is Why don't you just redirect that bill out to Kennebunkport. It'll make it in time for the family Thanksgiving gathering.

And for the tremendous job President Obama has done rehabilitating the reputation,integrity and dignity of the United States on the world stage,..feel free to hold your head up high along with us. No Charge.

President Obama has not delivered us a perfect utopia, no. But I'm joyfully none the less, relieved to finally be traveling on the right path. Relentless cynicism is exhausting and gets you nowhere.