Mitt Romney likes to talk about how he governed Massachusetts with a true go-along, get-along spirit. But this story from the right-wing Boston Herald tells a different story. It's about how Mitt Romney exploited the accidental death of a woman named Milena Del Valle to serve a longstanding political vendetta. Del Valle died in a tunnel collapse.

...then-Gov. Romney had been on an Ahab-like quest to fire the Turnpike chairman, Matt Amorello.

Romney’s efforts were thwarted at every turn by a Townie who graduated from Christopher Columbus High School and Suffolk Law. As the Pike’s chief legal counsel, [Michael] Powers prevailed in court against Mitt’s previous attempts to sack Amorello for “malfeasance.”

The morning after Del Valle’s death, Romney journeyed from Lake Winnipesaukee to conduct a personal inspection of a hole in the tunnel ceiling. At a press conference that morning, his first gleeful words were all about finally having a bulletproof reason to fire Amorello. He barely got around to mentioning Milena Del Valle.

As Mike Powers prepared for yet another court battle, he nearly cut off his right hand while trying to fix a stubborn lawn mower. If it wasn’t for a neighbor who saw Powers go into shock and applied a tourniquet, he may well have died.

Without Powers to mount a case for him, Amorello resigned. The next day, Aug. 18, 2006, a letter from Romney’s director of personnel was hand-delivered to Powers’ home. He had to accept it with his left hand because his mangled right hand was still fused to his stomach.

The letter informed Powers that he was fired, effective immediately. Eventually, Powers successfully sued the state for back pay and health insurance. But this is the Mitt Romney that Massachusetts knows: The destruction of his enemies is more important to him than the well-being of his constituents. If you have any doubts about that, you should read this earlier Herald story about the "callous" way the Romney administration handled Del Valle's family after the accident.