After the Debate Last Night, I Watched 2016: Obama's America


In the surprisingly wise words of Bill O'Reilly "You can make a lot of money in this country by selling hate."
And you were expecting...
And now D'Souza is discovered having an affair while married! GASP!…

My nitwit Republican cousin and her equally stupid teabagger friends ate that shit up, and have quoted it to me.

One if them noted, when I pointed out that Obama cut taxes upon taking office, that that was true evidence of his anti-colonialism at work.

For a conservative to argue that tax cuts are bad is some seriously messed-up shit.

These people cant be reasoned with, and for all you fence-sitters claiming it doesnt matter because Romney and Obama are the same: It matters because the GOP base is infected with this anti-reason stupidity.

The GOP must work this out, and a string of defeats will precipitate this.
I don't really understand the anti-colonialism this bad? Do repubs think we should colonize some native inhabited islands or something?
"D'Souza doesn't mention the fact that Obama ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden." Ah, the "OBL is dead" chit. But did he mention the other assassinations (of 16 year old American boys, no less) that he regularly orders?

Now go turn in that term paper Paul.
Maybe I'm old-fashioned here, or maybe I've studied colonialism more than most, but I just can't quite wrap my head around the idea that anti-colonialism is a bad thing.
@8 But even if there was some nuanced way of looking at apologia for colonialism--which I don't think you're correct on that at all--he's still full of shit.

This is just another attempt a la Jerome Corsi to delegitimize Obama as Other. If he wasn't Terrorist, Communist, or Socialist--he's anti-colonialist--because of his absent father he met once for 30 minutes...what?

There's plenty of things D'Souza could attack Obama on that he's done as President, but that would take putting down the dog whistle for a second.

I suppose it escapes D'Souza that Kenya was not a U.S. colony. The only former U.S. colony in Africa is Liberia. Most former U.S. colonies are now part of the country proper, and those that now have independence weren't occupied for very long (such as Cuba and the Philippines).
He didn't just call him anti-colonialist in that Forbes article, he called him a KENYAN anti-colonialist. Americans are not very well versed in Kenyan history, so the subtlety of this point is not its intent; it's to clobber people over the head with the idea that this President is fundamentally not American.
Good thing then we don't celebrate that whole anti-colonial July 4th thing anymore. Who else wants to chip in on the bill to jolly 'ol England?
Why do republicans forget we rebelled against colonial rule from England? Though in retrospect if we hadn't we may have single payer health insurance with universal coverage. Oh and some old lady would be on our money as opposed to a bunch of old white guys.
I'm all for calling out out D'Souza's typos, but a quick scroll up to the top of the Meanwhile on Line Out ad will reveal the following: Two talented Robbie's play the Royal Room tonight.

Just saying.
sloegin @12, you rock.

As for WildwoodGuy @3 sharing news of D'Souza's extramarital affair... Let me try to put myself in the head of a conservative trying to defend him:
1. He's not the one running for office. It's not like these things ever kept Rush Limbaugh from being the voice of his nation.
2. D'Souza's fiancée--have you checked her out? She's hot.
3. D'Souza's moral wavering is yet more evidence of the moral decline this nation finds itself in with Barack Obama as president.
5. From the story: "Controversial conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, who is also president of The King’s College, is in hot water for allegedly introducing a 29-year-old woman as his fiancée while he is still married." This could just be an attempt at good, old-fashioned Mormon "plural marriage." How do we know God didn't tell Dinesh he could have one wife for each coast?

Listen, though, I'm no Mitt Romney. If I had his Jedi mind-warp skills, I'm sure I could come up with some verbal voodoo jujitsu on this news that would make it sound like it was Obama who was having the affair.
well now that all of the Cool Aid drinkers have had a chance to see what Obama is really like after 5 years in office I wonder if they still feel the same way about him?
He has proved to be one of the worst if not thee worst presidents ever to hold office. he seems to have done much more harm than any good. I guess you can chalk this up to a learning experience . Never vote for a person just because of the color of his skin ! Obama should have been judged by content of his character, which he wasn't. if he had been he would not be President!