PopSci says that if you have a pacemaker, hackers could now kill you.

Pacemakers could be infiltrated to deliver deadly shocks, according to a security expert. It wouldn’t be simple, but it offers the very James Bond-like possibility of anonymous digital assassination.

Hackers could also acquire personal information from pacemakers. Or they could just become mass-murderers with a few keystrokes:

“The worst case scenario that I can think of, which is 100 percent possible with these devices, would be to load a compromised firmware update onto a programmer and … the compromised programmer would then infect the next pacemaker or [defibrillator] and then each would subsequently infect all others in range,” he reportedly said.

I don't really know that anyone would have the motivation to murder a bunch of people via their pacemakers, but it's certainly a design flaw. Also: This scenario will be featured in a CSI-style TV show in a matter of months.