Back in September, when Everett Herald reporter Jerry Cornfeld asked on a McKenna campaign media conference call why The Stranger was not invited onto any media conference calls, McKenna campaign manager Randy Pepples was absolutely clear. I had allegedly started an anti-McKenna PAC a year before coming to The Stranger, and our Dear Leader Dan Savage had personally donated to Jay Inslee.

"When you're a major donor to our opponent, and you have a PAC that is dedicated to his defeat," explained Pepple, "that defines you as a non-journalist."

Well, if you accept that definition, then doesn't the Seattle Times' announcement today that they are running an independent expenditure campaign to buy pro-McKenna ads in their own paper mean that their paper's newsroom is now suddenly filled with non-journalists? (You know, according to Pepple's high journalistic standards.) And shouldn't Inslee feel free now to deny access to all Seattle Times reporters? Man, that's gonna make it awfully difficult for the paper to cover Olympia should Inslee be elected governor.

David Postman must be rolling over in his grave.