Let me talk more plainly about women than Republican Rob McKenna is seemingly capable of (except in masterful parody):

Rob McKenna doesn't give one motherfucking fuck about women's reproductive rights. The weasel.

Sure, he loves his wife and daughters. Sure, he delights in patting the odd menopausal grandma on the head. But when confronted point-blank about his stance on a variety of reproductive issues affecting the womanly 50.1 percent of Washington's population?

McKenna's tactic is to lie or simply shut his yap.

Take last night's debate, where McKenna reiterated again and again that he "supports current laws" when it comes to women's abortion access but won't address how he'd handle a policy proposal to gut women's access to abortion. And then, in the next breath, he lied and said that he'd never come out against last year's pivotal Reproductive Parity Act—a measure that would've ensured women equal insurance access to maternity and abortion coverage.

McKenna did oppose it, eventually. (It took four months for him to even comment on this very important issue. He even told one woman who dared to ask him about his position to "go get a job".) And McKenna's eventual reason for opposing it—that it would cost us federal funds—was also a big fucking lie, as Planned Parenthood and NARAL quickly pointed out. Yet he continues to repeat this big fat fucking lie, again and again to voters.

The dirtbag.

McKenna is condescending when real women ask him questions about their health concerns. He won't talk about birth control. He won't talk about family planning. And he dodges questions—or lies through his smarmy smile—about ensuring that women have access to insurance-covered birth control, preventative cancer screenings, and abortions.

What a weasely prick you are, Rob McKenna. Hopefully someday, when your political goons are out on a smoke break or doing something more important than defending you from reporters and their pesky questions, I'll have the chance to tell you exactly what I think of you, to your face.