Rob McKenna Says He Supports a Woman's Right to Choose, He Just Doesn't Support a Woman's Right to Access Those Choices


You'll make him cry. Big meanie.
Clearly Cienna is hysterical. She probably has PMS today, amirite guys?
I mean, women can be such bitches about this stuff.
He's a conservative Catholic. What do you expect?
I don't feel like I can trust him to implement Obamacare, that's for sure.
Well, I support people's right to choose to drink alcohol, but I don't care if they can actually afford to buy it.

I don't see McKenna's position, as described above, as contradictory. I mean, I do support abortion coverage via insurance, but not supporting that is not the same as supporting laws to restrict access to abortion.

Anyway, I still that bill was misnamed. Shouldn't it be the Unproductive Rights Act or something? Because nothing in that act had anything to do with reproduction other than helping those who want to avoid undesired instances of it.
What a bunch of crap!