SL Letter of the Day: Suddenly Soft


This is many years late for LIMP, but if the "missing pounding" wasn't just about making a clever acronym, taking DiA sex off the menu should not mean that LIMP doesn't get worked over with a toy, fingers, fist or friend while he is otherwise servicing his guy.
I'm one of those gays who never does buttfucking. I understand the pressure and the "norm".
He could just be nervous but really wants to have some butt lovin'. Performance anxiety happens. Biggest thing: DON'T RUSH, Try more foreplay and make sure he not just hard, but REALLY hard and close to orgasm before he tries to stick it in (with a condom of course). It may take an hour or two before he's really ready for some penetration. Watch porn together. Not all boners are the same and he may not be at his full mast. Try it this way a few times so he can get used to being hard inside of you. Also use plenty of lube and try thinner condoms, I know babeland sells some excellent swedish ones that are much better than trojans/durex.

Also make sure that you are properly loosened up. A vice grip isn't always a good thing. Practice with toys doesn't hurt (figuratively speaking). Viagra might help, but I would avoid drugs, especially if he is so young. If he wants to try it, TALK TO HIS DOCTOR, don't try to get it on the black market. Dr. might be able to give him a sample to try once to see if it can get him over the psychological hurdle.
You could be too tight, or too loose, for him to maintain his erection.
How about toys for you? Obviously it might not be a long term solution if you need him to fuck you to stay with him, but it might help relieve some pressure and provide the penetration you're looking for in the short term. Nobody lasts forever or has a perfect record, so toys are always a good thing to have around for me.
I've been with some guys who have the same issue with vaginal. It's really pissing me off, because I want to get fucked, dammit!
I clicked on the link, to see what the comments to the original posting were, and found out this: It's not the right link!

Through the miracle of site search, I found out the original column was actually October 22, 2009.
Assuming there isn't a huge age difference here, I'd like to cross-examine the LW about his claim of being "a bottom". Maybe he really is at that age, and maybe he's claiming the role as hard as he can as a Get Out of GGG Card.
Two potential causes:

He may need firm pressure to maintain erections and to cum. You can get fairly firm pressure from oral and hand jobs, but anal can become surprising loose past the opening.

Other obvious issue is he is putting on a condom for fucking but not for oral. LW would have probably mentioned this.
If he does like anal, and loses it anyway, the LW's butt is probably too tight. Pushing through a vise-like anus, versus a totally flexible (pressure-wise) mouth can be a real boner killer, then trying to remain hard with said vise ring squeezing one's dick can actually pump the blood *out* of an erection. Then there's the 'tight opening and nothing beyond' problem that exists with all anal sex. Having had both vagina and anal sex, I still say vagina feels the best on a dick. It's a pity I'm not attracted to the bodies that have vaginas....sigh.
If he gets hard enough to penetrate, he should pull completely out, and back in for awhile. This can loosen a tight hole, and provide some serious sensation.
Could be smell, tightness, something poking back or just a social hang-up because its 'sodomy'! The cold condom that Dan has mentioned before also could be the culprit.
It's like shooting pool with a rope.

I don't have anything intelligent to add, just always thought was a really funny phrase.
@9: Yeah, LW probably would've mentioned it if they were using condoms, but anyway: My boyfriend used to have this problem, and then we realized our condoms were too small. We switched to the XL ones, problem solved.
where is it suggested that the writer is male? I'm not seeing it.
@14 It's suggested when he wrote "and I'm a bottom!". That isn't a phrase a straight girl is going to use about receiving anal sex.
I have a problem maintaining an erection for fucking and for me the cause is obvious: with a condom, I don't get enough stimulation to stay hard. Yes, I've tried all types and styles of condoms, and the Female Condom works best, but doesn't suit my style of fucking. I will still be safe though.

The following things help me: dirty talk, Crown Skinless Skin condoms ($20/100 on Amazon), and refraining from masturbation.
I'm also pretty sure being more aerobically fit would help, too.
Would masturbation *with* a condom help matters? Stands to reason that a dick accustomed to getting off without them might need some retraining.
I've had this issue my entire adult life. I guess you could say that by nature I'm a top, having a somewhat paternal, more controlling and dominant personality. Guys who are attracted to me, and who I feel compliment me tend to be on the opposite side. It's been a problem that I don't like anal sex, which is too bad, because otherwise, I'm quite a pervert. I've never been able to view the anus, at least on the inside, in a sexual way. When I was younger, I'd do it anyway because I wanted to satisfy my lover, and I felt it was expected of me, but I could never cum. And I never enjoyed it. Then I decided I'd rather not play in the sandbox at all than to encounter the surprises one can find in there.