Last week Gawker's Adrien Chen uncovered the identity of a prolific troll on the popular website Reddit. This week Anonymous claims they've uncovered the man who allegedly harassed and blackmailed the Vancouver teenager, Amanda Todd, who committed suicide last week.

Before killing herself, Todd admitted that she flashed a man via webcam when she was 13-years-old. A mistake, of course, but she never could've guessed that the man would then, one year later, track her down on Facebook and start harassing her with the screenshots he took.

The man Todd chatted with continued to stalk her on the internet, posting her topless photo as his Facebook profile picture, sending it to her classmates and friends—she moved schools, eventually moved to a new town, and became very depressed and anxious. She tells her side of the story in a heartbreaking YouTube video that she posted in September.

Now Anonymous claims to have found the man behind the harassment (I refuse to call this trolling; this is so much more than trolling)—they say it's Kody Maxson, a 30-year-old from British Columbia. And has done some impressively deep investigation, linking the man Anonymous named to Todd.

Maxson—who has received dozens of death threats—says it's not true. According to an interview with The Vancouver Sun, while he was in contact with Todd, he says she was tormented by a 26-year-old man in New York.

It's not a good week for being an asshole on the internet.