There Was a Debate Last Night: Read Paul's recap right now.

Candy Crowley Is Awesome: But some say she shouldn't have sided with Obama when Romney was all "Blah blah barf! 14 days to call it an act of terror! Give me a lollipop! WHERE'S MY LOLLIPOP! WAAAAAAAH."

There Was an Earthquake in Maine Yesterday: No reports of injuries or damage.

George Zimmerman Has a Court Date: The (tentative) start for Zimmerman's trial will be June 10. But that could change because there are "still several unresolved pretrial matters to complete."

Shooting at the Border: "A Canadian border guard was in stable condition after she was wounded by a gunman who later killed himself, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said."

About That Zumba Prostitution Ring: The list of alleged customers includes a former Maine mayor.

Just Dope It: Nike has ended their contract with Lance Armstrong. Armstrong has also stepped down as the head of Livestrong, his cancer foundation.

What a Dick: An man accused of attacking a 91-year-old supposedly has a "trail of victims," say Everett police.

OH GOD: "The victim, Jose Melena, was cooked to death in a steam oven at the Bumble Bee Foods plant in Santa Fe Springs on Thursday, said Erika Monterroza, a spokeswoman for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health."

I Wish They Called It iPantyliner: A mini iPad will probably go on sale November 2nd. Supposedly. Maybe. We'll see.

Microsoft Has a Tablet Too: The Surface tablet will cost you $499.

Is It Our Evil Twin!?: An Earth-sized planet has been discovered outside the solar system.

The Hockey Lockout Continues: GODDAMMIT.