WAXIE MOON IN FALLEN JEWEL Dazzlingly bizarre!
  • WAXIE MOON IN FALLEN JEWEL Dazzlingly bizarre!

This weekend brings the big finale of the 17th Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, featuring a ton of great stuff. Tonight brings the amazing glam-rock doc Jobriath A.D., which I gushed about previously here. Tomorrow night brings the long-awaited Seattle premiere of the local-star-packed Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel (at the Pacific Place Cinema, no less! Between the partiers at Pink and Waxie's entourage, Pacific Place is going to be a full-on Scene.)

THE FALLS Small, subtle, smart.
  • THE FALLS Small, subtle, smart.

But the film I'm most excited about screens Saturday afternoon, also at Pacific Place: The Falls, written and directed by Seattle filmmaker Jon Garcia, which takes what could've been a porn-worthy premise—two Mormon missionaries fall in love while on their mission—and draws from it something small and subtle that feels true. It's not perfect—there's maybe a too-broad supporting character here, some distracting imagery there—but the film does so much right that I totally recommend it. Rather than manipulate a homoerotic love story into being, Garcia wisely taps the deep natural intimacy demanded of young men on a mission, who spend literally all their time together, are forbidden from being alone with members of the opposite sex, and sleep in the same room every night for two years. Even better, The Falls' leads have actual chemistry, built of kindred spirits and stupid in-jokes and harmonious Stockholm Syndrome, and this chemistry drives the film with great economy and elegance. The Falls is lovely, and Jon Garcia is a filmmaker to watch.

MR. WRONG A closeted classic.
  • MR. WRONG A closeted classic.

(Also on Saturday, I'm hosting an annotated screening of Mr. Wrong, the 1996 psychodrama starring Ellen DeGeneres, which Adrian Ryan writes about in this week's Homosexual Agenda. The screening's a benefit for Washington United for Marriage, to help with their quest to make sure no lesbian ever again has to marry Bill Pullman.)