• Kei Shooting/Shutterstock

Epicurean pleasures abound this weekend. Behold:

· First Shuck at Coastal Kitchen: 1,000 oysters, 100% free of charge, shucked fresh on the sidewalk. TODAY!

· Smoke Farm Family BBQ: A fundraiser for Seattle’s very own rural temple of arts, education, and culinary joy! With awesome people, barbecued salmon, and campfires/heaters. Saturday!

· Great Pumpkin Beer Festival: In Georgetown. Culminates with the tapping of an enormous cask of pumpkin brew. A festive excuse to drink! All weekend!

· Celebrity Waiters Dinner at the Metropolitan Grill: Beastmode serves you beast meat. Benefits go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Yay! Monday!

Also: a highfalutin wine event at the WAC, restaurant industry hobnobbing, the traditional drowning of presidential-debate-induced sorrows and more in our Chow events calendar.