I Would Like to See Rosie Perez Debate Mitt Romney Next, Please


I would vote for her.


The one word Rosie Perez said in White Men Can't Jump that got every guy hard.
Yawn. These old tired yestermonth zingers don't work anymore with the voters. Sorry Paul, Sorry Rosie.
Romney national lead over Obama is opening up widely, time to panic!

I can't believe anyone is stupid enough to fall for the used car salesman, Republican hogwash after the way they left the country last time. Un-fucking-believable.
Fight the pow-ah!

Interesting thought piece from Knute Berger over at Crosscut:

Would a Romney win prompt Cascadian secession?

The Northwest has a bit of a history of threatening secession. Would a win by Romney push us over the edge?

@5 - Viewership would skyrocket if every debate opened with that dance. I know Rosie is twenty years older by now, but if she cares about democracy, she'll do it.
@3 President's aren't elected nationally, they are elected state by state, see the Electoral College.
@8 Oops, that is a weird typo, I didn't mean to have an apostraphe in Presidents.
@3 I love when people post links that show exactly the opposite of what their saying.

Yes, the article you pointed to shows Obama down in a national poll, and I suppose we could panic over that, although you were perhaps leaning too far to the right to see that electoral vote projection right next to it, that shows Obama on track for a second term.

So, good job.
@10: Indeed, but the national polls are indicative of trends.
@ 11, But what do you think about Romney's comment in the video?
@ GDfR, from your link:

"The numbers do not reflect Tuesday night's debate, in which many observers concluded that Obama had a stronger performance than Romney..."
@11 More like on average national polls have historically been relatively predictive of trends.

Any one poll is not that interesting.

Also, national polling trends have not been tracking that strongly in with swing states lately.

Ultimately, these are complex systems, that are improperly understood with the snap shot analysis that is increasingly how we consume and discuss polling.
@3 Your comment is more indicative of a failure in our electorate than a failure of this comedian or video.

If someone says something inherently racist, that makes them a racist. No matter how many "months" ago they said it. We need a longer attention span here in America and nothing will prove this more than if Romney or Akin get elected.

Both are a significant possibility and that makes me sad. Not as a Liberal; not as an American, but as a human being.
Well put @15.
@ 11, So you have nothing to say about Romney's comments in this video? No comments other than people holding Romney to Romney's own words is a tired effort?
@15 "If someone says something inherently racist, that makes them a racist."


Joe Biden made that articulate comment and is demonstratively not racist, including in the way that comment would imply.

Racist comments especially ones not adequately addressed are bad on their own merits, without the need to label the speaker racist.

That said, the patterns of racist comments and policies do strongly imply that you are not applying the racist label inaccurately.
I love this.
I've always loved her.
is there a straight male who doesn't want to make sweet love to rosie perez?
@21 straight male , hell. i might would let rosie have some.
#21 - I'm straight, and I wouldn't fuck that annoying skank with your dick.