It's the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, Charlie Brown


It's also sold out, so if you don't have tickets, you're not going.
It's not pumpkin itself which makes an appealing fall-season beer, of course, because it's bland inoffensive mush, but the fairly distinctive mix of spices we have come to associate with it, which have a warming effect.
@2: Unfortunately, many brewers will just add a bunch of sweet shit to make it taste more like pumpkin pie, completely ruining the beer.

A proper cold weather beer should be thick and spiced, but NEVER sweet.
Pumpkin Hard Cider.

Just saying ...

Beer Valley from Oregon makes a stellar imperial pumpkin porter. you can only get it on draft, but it's thick, spiced properly and strong as hell...and there's still room enough in the make up for a shot of bourbon to be dropped in.