If you're looking for something soothing to occupy your eyes whilst noshing on a sandwich or whatever, I suggest you check out explore.org's indoor puppy room, where right now, a mama Great Dane is on the cusp of giving birth.

At the moment there's not a ton of activity going on—just a lot of heavy breathing, poor ol' gal—but even that is weirdly hypnotic. And while you wait for her to pop, you can watch this wild brown bear stare at a river.

Nature! It's just like us!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The motherfucking bear disappeared. Still, trees are pretty, I guess.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE 2: The bear's back! Or maybe it's a new one!!! It appears to be walking... now it's swimming. I'm no biologist, but it appears to be hunting for a fish sandwich.

Curtsies to Kimberly.