This week's short is “Rainbow,” a film commissioned in 2007 by the Seattle International Film Festival for the Fly Filmmaking Challenge. Directed by Dayna Hanson, a filmmaker/choreographer who recently won the Artist Trust’s 2012 Arts Innovator Award, and staring Linas Phillips, the film gets us to the heart of our city by way of a moody bus ride. We see the passengers, the lights, and the many buildings of the night.

As for Saturday, I got this interesting message from the NWFF programmer and filmmaker Adam Sekuler:

Between 10AM and 5PM Saturday, October 20, take a short (15-30 second video), photo, or record some audio of something uncannily mysterious, the sun reflecting off a meandering wave, a leaf blowing on the sidewalk, your untied shoe lace dangling off your pedal; and send it immediately via your phone to
Sekuler, who encourages multiple submissions, will transform the material into a film.