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Puppy Mill Busted: Lewis County animal control seized 72 foxhounds from an elderly woman's apparent puppy mill operation.

New First Native American Saint: The Roman Catholic Church finally made their decision to canonize a 17th century Mohawk Indian woman after a Bellingham preteen survived a rare skin-eating disease. The boy's survival was deemed a miracle by the Church.

It's No NBA Team, But: The NHL's Edmonton Oilers may be interested in the planned Sodo arena after their own arena deal fell through. Right now, however, the NHL is locked out.

Suspicious Snow-Globe Water: Police evacuated Microsoft Building 123 due to suspicious clear liquid leaking from a piece of mail. The water turned out to be from a broken snow globe.

Flaming Sunscreen: Banana Boat is recalling 23 types of sunscreen after reports of people bursting into flames after application. To be fair, there's a warning label.

Boat Israeli Blockaded: The Israeli military took control of a protest ship headed for the Gaza Strip. The boat was carrying building supplies - things Palestinians aren't allow to have.

Millennials Could Doom NFL: Many younger parents think football is a dangerous game (and they're correct).

Legal Drugs Kill (Allegedly): The family of a Maryland girl is suing the makers of Monster Energy drink. They allege that the two cans of Monster that their daughter drank in 2011 killed her.

No Photo: Spanish lawmakers are drafting legislation that would make it illegal to photograph or record cops. Posting pictures and videos of cops to Facebook would also be against the law.

And here's Polish people driving a hatchback through an indoor shopping center: