I just emailed Lori Anderson of the Public Disclosure Commission with a question about some apparently incomplete disclosures, and I got the following immediate response:

From: Lori Anderson
Subject: Automatic reply: Disclosure question
Date: October 22, 2012 1:20:48 PM PDT
To: David Goldstein

I am furloughed until Tuesday, October 23.. Please resend your Email to pdc@pdc.wa.gov if you need an answer before Tuesday.

That's right, the Public Disclosure Commission, the agency tasked with safeguarding the integrity of our campaign finance and disclosure laws, is furloughing and laying off employees during the heat of the election season!

No doubt all these government employees cost money, but it strikes me as penny wise and pound foolish to be cutting back on election watchdogs just weeks before a general election. I guess we get the government we pay for.