Family Circus, Left Behind Movies Are Planned. Which Idea Is Worse?


Both are reason to hope The Mayans Were Right.

(yes, I know the Mayans didn't really predict the world will end in December 2012)
Nick Cage never should have gotten that first Oscar or permission to act.
Left Behind 2: Revenge of the Heathens is really fun if you watch it in 3D while stoned.
A Family Circus movie is just dumb. The Left Behind series, on the other hand, are entirely venomous.
Left Behind starring Nic Cage is like the definition of hilariously terrible. I can't wait get fucked up and do as many things social conservative crazies hate at once as possible while watching/laughing at it.
I thought for sure that you were saying that Family Circus and Left Behind were being made into one mash-up-like movie, called "Family Circus, Left Behind". I would so go see that.
I will see the shit out of both these movies.
Where's the voting option where I die a little inside, having lived in a world where millions could be invested into such terrible ideas for films?
I second a motion for the Left Behind/Family Circus mash-up.
Thirded. "Who got Raptured?" "Not Me!" "Ida Know" "Mommy Mommy, Dead Granddad comes to me when I sleep and reads from Revelations! Should I be scared, or offer him a bowl of pasghetti?"
Motion is passed. C'mon internet, you can do it!
For some reason the 2nd poll reminded me of the quote from the announcement of the 2015 Charlie Brown movie:

"We finally felt the time was right and the technology is where we need it to be to create this film."

I just stared at that sentence for a long while, my brain refused to work
I'd rather see a Nancy movie. Or the Lockhorns.
I would totally go see Family Circus directed by David Lynch.
Oh you know Nic Cage will be in both of these movies.
Family Circus really only has the potential to be boring and insipid, not apocalyptically bad. It will simply pass from memory 2 minutes after you leave the theater, like vanilla ice cream without enough vanilla.

Left Behind, on the other hand, has the potential to be spectacularly bad. Epically bad. Laughably bad. In fact, it is far more likely to be funny than Family Circus.
I don't know. Which is worse, hearing that Shitpops will be taking up space in your store's dairy case next summer, or hearing that your charmingly shambolic uncle is the sales rep for their competition, Poopsicles?
Ugh.. I think I threw up in my mouth just reading it... only a mash-up could save either. But sadly, the FC will be required viewing in prison- ala Clockwork Orange.
I predict the Family Circus movie will consist of two hours of following Jeffy as he leaves a meandering dashed line through the woods, as he goes to pick up the newspaper on Father's Day. Critics will hate it, but audiences will describe it as oddly transfixing, like watching a horrific car wreck in slow motion.
I'm looking forward to reading Lindy West's review of Family Circus.