Mayor McGinn's on Today's City Council Police Monitor Coup: "We believe that their vote was a mistake..."


Wow, he's essentially sabotaging the entire relationship. All he had to do was note a disagreement and move on but instead he's pre-supposing that everything is going to fail. That is asshatttery, not leadership. I voted for McGinn and will not make that mistake again.
Having a monitor in the form of a person harkens back to police reform from the days of Serpico.

Today, monitoring should be accomplished in the form of social media, public data warehousing and the citizen reporting that brought the alleged abuses to the fore in the first place. If Mr. Bobb puts in place permanent visibility systems to augment these, then he will be worth his fee.

Does pandering to the SPD make McGinn's job easier or his re-election securer? I don't understand the politics of this.
What. The. Hay-ell.

Guess McGinn really hates being the mayor. I can't imagine who's gonna vote for him after this latest debacle.
It seems that a monitor of the deal with the DOJ should someone who would actually know quite a bit about the deal and be interested in having the SPD actually FOLLOW the DOJ's requirements. A monitor is not an impartial ombudsman; a monitor is there to "police" the deal, in this case literally. McGinn obviously doesn't want to be re-elected by the people who voted him in to begin with, and I don't know who else will vote for him.
They must have something juicy on McGinn.
I really hate the term, "stakeholder."
Nothing of what he has done in the past matters. This will be the defining issue of his mayoralty. No one will remember him outside of the fact that he's stood up for the thugs & bigots in the SPD.
I'm just glad we are getting someone the SPD doesn't like. This seems to indicate that there is hope that we could approach something like actual accountability for once.
If I were a betting man, one or some combination of the following is true. Option A is least likely, I wager:

A) SPOG has something substantial over on McGinn that would be harmful to his career as a politician or attorney.

B) SPOG has offered to go "all in" in a substantial way toward McGinn's next mayoral campaign with either financial or presence show of force and support to help get him into office if McGinn waters this all down somehow.

C) SPOG has threatened some sort of nuclear litigation option and McGinn--poorly--is trying to navigate around this.
@3 Yes. @7 Agreed. @9 Agreed. @10 doubt it, but it does neutralize the obvious challenger.
Christ, what an asshole.
@8 Well, this and failure to stop the tunnel, which was pretty much a quixotic exercise to begin with.

@10 I think Will's on to something. Let me add:

D) McGinn knows he's going to be running for re-election against Tim Burgess. Cops love Burgess, Burgess loves cops, so if cops also love McGinn, Burgess loses that advantage.

Or my personal favorite:

E) McGinn is a complete wimp. All you have to do is stand up to him and he'll cave. It's not a coincidence that all of his accomplishments are basically low-hanging fruit that didn't have serious opposition (nightlife initiative, medical marijuana dispensaries, bike improvements).