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Slog's determination to ignore the developments in the Libya fiasco is impressive....
The definition of shoddy writing is "Starting your article with a dictionary definition of some word."
From what I understand about the man who "lived gay" for a year was that he was trying to do a "black like me" experiment - he's a straight conservative Christian who wanted to learn how gay people are really treated, and what they have to go through.
Oh, and in regards to Amy Biviano - Scott Brown did a even more revealing photoshoot for Cosmopolitan, and that didn't seem to stop him from getting elected. In fact, it was mostly treated as something "cute" and funny.
I'm almost there with you in being tired of the 'throw under the bus" phrase. Perhaps it could evolve a little, into something slightly more violently graphic.
@ 4 While I agree it shouldn't disqualify her, with Brown's at least his private area was covered up. And that link is totally NSFW not just maybe.
Dom, was "thrown under the bus" supposed to be a link?
@ 6, um... I don't know where you work, but when I worked for a rather button-downed office years ago, a Playboy photo with the nipples blocked out, in the context of a news report*, would have been very safe for work. Much safer than the 48-point and bold titles one can expect to see on a daily basis on Slog.

* I know that that's a link to a crazy partisan blog, and not at all "news," but they have a layout that's very professional in its appearance. When one is concerned about office snoops looking over your shoulder, that goes a long way. So for the purpose of SFW/NSFW, it's a news site.
Trumpeting a 17-years-past photo (and it appears to be a single photo) in Playboy is bad form. But the writing in that post is an unforgivable crime against the English language.

@1 - Please, DO enlighten our liberal hearts and minds with news from Libya....
@7) No, it just had to be said.
that crazy dude? he gay.
It's sad when skanky blemishes in the bast upset professional careers. Think of all the good people that never go into public service because of such things.
throw him under the bus is getting old?

How about:
perfect storm,
and the suffix -gate?

I feel like stabbing people every time I see any "journalist" lazily throw those words in a story to make it sound "important (!!!)"
@14, RE: the suffix -gate, please enjoy:…

"Biviano has worked hard to transform her image from a Yale educated anthropologist and self-avowed feminist into a suburban mom with an adoring husband."

Shoot...can we transform her back to this:…

This is what the state of Washington needs more of...not yet another female all bottled up with an SUV and a tract home.

Imports please!

National Democrat Insider wants to sweep his own crimes under rug!

Corzine, banks push to end MF Global fraud lawsuit

Jon Corzine's lawyers say allegations that he fraudulently ran MF Global Holdings Ltd make "no sense" and that a lawsuit seeking to hold him and others responsible for the futures brokerage's bankruptcy must be thrown out.…

It makes "no sense to prosecute me" because I'm one of "Obama's best and most trusted friends" -- even though I essentially mishandled billions of dollars which went to God knows where!
I did not see any mention of the Democratic Party in that Corzine story. Are we supposed to just infer it?
I love that tiny house! It's also cute that, for all his accomplishment in this project, Austin mentions his "jammies" drawer.
@ 20, I caught that too. That kid's awesome!
Er, why the scare quotes around the word "anarchists," Dom?

I'm pretty sure the people so described would proudly refer to themselves as such; the grand jury resisters certainly do. What's your problem with the term?
@22) Because I was trying to scare people, robotslave. That's what quotation marks are for.
@13: "Skanky blemishes"?

It isn't the fact that a woman might have posed for nude photos that "[upsets] professional careers" and keeps people from "[going] into public service." It's the slut-shaming reaction that describes a harmless softcore titty pic as a "skanky blemish".

Fucking puritans.
I'm far more scared of Ireland's 13.4 percent of GDP deficit and the continuing tax subsidies for Microsoft there, which threatens to collapse the entire Eurozone, than I am by any namby pamby "anarchists" in the US.

You have no idea what real Anarchists look like, only the fluffy cotton fake "anarchists" you see around here.

Hmm, maybe you should use bold then, that scares me a lot more than "quotes."
Real anarchists assasinate political leaders, the captians of industry and destroy buildings with hand made bombs.

I don't know who they are call anarchists these days...seems just not agreeing with the status quo makes you an anarchist

we thought that was what that little picture at the left of your post was for...
Scott Brown is a man, therefore a "stud", while Biviano is a woman, therefore a "slut".
that's a great rack
Vote! Your life could depend on it.
The comments on that Biviano link are truly delightful.

User "Hadenuf" sez "The communists, that is what they are, want to take everything, America included into the gutter! You have to be a moron to believe these Godless ghouls are anything but that!"

User "ZORRO" adds "She is a typical Demo-crap, corrupt, LIARS, low life."

User "julades" reasons
I disagree with you. What happenned 17 years ago matters. If people can just mess up with their lives and turn their back to represent the American people, that shouldn’t be tolerated.

We don’t want a society of sex. We want a society of hard working men and women. If she started dating her current husband in 1993 and in 1995 she is exposing herselve to the world? That’s is wrong and nobody care if you do this in your private life. However, we should care when people like her wants to represent us! That’s the problem.! Bill clinton didn’t get naked!!!

User "john57" points out that "SO WHAT! She is sexzy and she is not shy about it. She didn’t murder anyone or grow up being indoctrinated to be a marxist muslim! Get over the bridge and take care of business."

But user "Huapakechi" is unimpressed: "No, she is not a murderer or ‘marxist indoctrinated muslim”. She merely belongs to the party that has engineered the financial collapse of this nation and put an undocumented marxist muslim in the White House. That’s enough for me to encourage others to vote against her. Let’s elect “Least Unacceptable”!"

And user "tome" pleads for tolerance:
What to hell is wrong with her past. She has not robbed a bank! Killed anyone! Been a adultrist! A Fudge packer! A diaper head! She is not a Commie / Socialist!! I am getting very tired of the Democrats bringing all the other Democrats Down! Where are you going to find anyone in this screwed up world without something in their back ground!

Yes, indeed, he did say "Fudge packer".

thanks for plodding through that to bring us a greatest hits. I couldn't make it past the second comment on the site.
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@6 - both of them had their genitals covered (in fact, Brown's genital-adjacent area was much more visible - pubes, guys!…) and nipples exposed. It's a double standard.