"This change would take away that liberty."


I think they call those special bathrooms porta-potties.
All anti-gay arguments in churches ultimately boil down to "if gay is made legal then there will be nothing to stop me from touching other men's willies except my own intense desire to do so".
Haters gonna hate
Don't women's rooms have private stalls?
When this is their last argument, we've pretty much won.
I'd vote for an ordinance that banned bigots and their children from public bathrooms. To truly protect themselves, the only place they can go to the bathroom is at home. Unless one of their kids ends up gay anyway. Then there is NO SAFE PLACE!!
Until we as a society become more inclusive, the fastest solution would be to add more individual restrooms. They would be handicap accessible, have a changing station, a toilet, lav and a urinal. And they would have a lockable door. This should be standard in all public facilities.
attacking straw men is tough work but somebody's got to do it....
@4: Easy for you to say. This exact argument has been used to successfully block gender identity anti-discrimination laws.
I so look forward to one day seeing the inside of a women's bathroom. I will finally find out why ladies stand in such long lines. National Geographic should do a documentary about it.
@9. It isn't all that big of a mystery. We don't have urinals, thus we don't have pee all over the floor.
Can I just start calling these people out publicly, for being the prissy little idiots they are? I'm just getting so tired of feeling like I have to coddle these bigoted, simpering ignoramuses.


As someone who's done his fair share of janitorial work, I can tell you, you're not missing a thing.

As for the lines: because women's restrooms have only stalls, and not a combination of stalls & urinals as do men's rooms, there are usually fewer "facilities" available per restroom, which, combined with the slightly longer time it takes to use them, tends to create more of a backup for women than it does for an equal number of men.
Why are bigots so concerned with genitalia?
@10: The cycle of piss:
1. Some dude pisses on the floor.
2. Next dude to use that facility stands further back to avoid stepping in the piss. Due to having to pee over a longer distance, he gets some more piss on the floor.
3. Repeat until savagely bludgeoned by the janitor who has to clean up after you jerks.
It's ignorant fucktard douchenozzles like this who are the reason my transgendered girlfriend prefers not to use public restrooms.
@11's answer is why women's rooms always have lines. @13's answer is why women don't revolt enmass and use the men's room when we have long lines.
Also presumably men are not fussing with feminine hygiene materials in the men's room also. These things take incremental time...
Went to a restaurant in Dublin last year that had an essentially co-ed restroom. There was a men's and women's side, but it was one long room with a clear line of sight from end to end.

So, the Irish are brave enough to handle it, but Murkins, not so much?
@13: That happens in women's rooms too. Someone sprinkles on the seat, causing you to have to hover over the seat, increasing the likelihood of you sprinkling on the seat, etc...

And don't you hate the way the teatards et al. have ruined the word "liberty"? Any time I read it now my eyes automatically glaze over.
@13: I got kicked out of Burger King once for using the men's room. That's why I don't use the "wrong" bathroom anymore. :/

@14: And that's why bigots like the shithead up top make me so fucking sad. I want your girlfriend to use whatever bathroom she wants without feeling persecuted. What's this about needing bathrooms our children can be comfortable in? I want trans children and adults to feel as comfortable as cis-gendered children in the bathroom. Fuuuuuuuuuuck, why is this so hard to understand?

@18: Good grief, are there really women who do this? I just wipe the seat off and get on with my life.

All that said, I used to clean the bathrooms every night in my former workplace and men and women are pretty much equal in disgusting shit that happens. While technically the men's room was worse than the ladies' where I worked, most of that was due to one customer who pretty much covered every surface with urine, then stole all of our cleaning supplies on a daily basis.
Whoopsie doodle, I said @13 when I meant @15. So sorry.
@14; a trans guy I knew was sexually assaulted in a men's bathroom, became suicidally depressed and then went missing about a year ago. Whenever I hear anyone making the argument in the post - that cisgendered people need protecting from trans people in restrooms - I want to punch someone.
@19-As a teen aged janitor, what 18 said is absolutely true, BUT- I've had to clean women's restrooms where it appeared they'd done #2 (and diarrhea!) from a standing position. Picture that mess.
I decided after a year of that, that other than pee on the floor/seat, men were a tad tidier than women. It only takes one bad apple....sigh.
Hate to disagree, but I would never use a co-ed bathroom. If I knew that somebody with a dick (no matter what gender they thought they were) was in a bathroom, I'd wait until they left. If they came in after me, I'd tell them to leave or throw them out. Maybe this is residual whatever from previous sexual abuse, but if I am going to drop trou, there can be NO DICKS present. I, and many other girls, just don't feel safe that way.

There needs to be a different setup of restrooms.... Maybe "Men" "Women" and "Either". That way people who have different gender identities can have their own space where they won't bother anybody or BE bothered by anybody.