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sneaked? snuck?
"In Yakima: 'Man accidentally drives over himself.'"

What a great twit!
Gallup: R=51 / O=45
Rasmusssen: R=50 / O=46
RCP: R=47.7 / O 47.1

Things are looking up!
Obama: "Four more years of the same shit, but this time with higher taxes!"

Yeah... that sould do it.
Already voted. Nationwide, they are showing massive early and mail in voting by D's but not R's.
That "Retain Steve Strachan King County Sheriff" ad appearing occasionally in the column to the right here, touting his endorsement from The Stranger could only be better and more correctly targeted if he put the Seattle Times endorsement down below the small print.
I voted early.

I'd have voted often, but they only sent me one ballot paper. Meanies.
We should have registered twice. I got one of those postcards, should have let them register me with the short non-legal version of my name on my Driver's License (which they shortened not me) and cast two votes. Bygones.
Wasn't "man accidentally drives car over himself" an opening plot line for Six Feet Under?


Larry King moderates the Free and Equal Foundation's Third Party Presidential debate!


This debate will allow voters to hear the policy positions of candidates from across the political spectrum who were shut out of the private debates by the Democratic-Republican alliance known as the Commision on Presidential Debates.

Jill Stein - Green Party
Rocky Anderson - Justice Party
Gary Johnson - Liberatarian Party
Virgil Goode - Constitution Party


“I think they deserve a voice,” King said of the third party candidates. “It’s obvious they’re not going to win, but in the Constitution it never says there’s a Democrat or a Republican Party. It never mentions a two-party system. We’ve had Federalist presidents, Whig presidents. … We’ve always had independent candidates. They deserve a voice and they haven’t had a voice in this campaign at all.

“[...] they have a right to be heard, they have issues that should be brought up. For example, the war on drugs has never been mentioned in this campaign. That’s an important issue.”


Viewers can tune into the third party debate on Tuesday night at 8pm EST on C-SPAN, Al Jazeera English and Russia Today, and streamed online at Ora TV and on the Free & Equal debate site.

Coverage begins with a correspondent roundtable discussion with Thom, Hartmann, Josh Tolley, and Ben Swann.
Make Your Progressive Vote Count for President
A strategic voting proposal from RootsAction:

Initiating signers of the following proposal include Daniel Ellsberg, Cornel West, Frances Fox Piven, Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon.

In swing states, progressives should make sure their voting -- for Obama/Biden -- helps to keep the right-wing Republicans from winning the White House.

In the nearly 40 non-swing states where our vote has no impact on Obama vs. Romney, voters can wisely send a message of protest to Obama and the Democratic Party leadership -- over policies like militarism, Wall Street coziness, abuse of civil liberties, expansion of nukes, fracking and drilling -- by voting for a genuinely progressive candidate such as Jill Stein of the Green Party.
@2 - @10: Years ago I defended a school district when a teenage student crawled under a running truck where the driveshaft slipped apart from a broken engine mount and accidentally killed himself when the driveshaft suddenly re-engaged, crushing his skull. A lot of other weird facts that help explain why he was so anxious and impulsive (I got it dismissed on a motion) but the family and the school both were devastated - good kid did a dumb thing.
I'm really looking forward to election day because my stomach can't take much more of this!! I'm depressed as hell that Rmoney is surging in some polls, that he'll win - without question - such a large chunk of the middle of the country and the South. Because we aren't supposed to question one's beliefs in this country nobody has cornered him on his association with a church that nailed the coffin door on the ERA and got Prop 8 passed in California. God Almighty! If you can bring yourself to vote for Rmoney, you can bring yourself to vote for anyone.

The people who think he's more moderate than his church need to realize how much he gives them to run things. Can I be a moderate Klansman because I don't support white supremacy but I do approve of them adopting highways and spending their Saturdays picking up trash along shoulders? Why belong if you don't believe?

I don't have facts and figures to call him a crook. Everything he's done in business has probably been legal, but he's gotten very, very, very rich at the expense and hardship of thousands. Can people - decent people - really want a man like that leading our country?

Hurry up November 6!
@14 - This.