Something's going on out there, says Slog tipper Jimmy:

The noise known as the West Seattle "hum" has been disrupting sleep for the past few nights in my house. It was as loud as I've ever heard it last night. The West Seattle Blog has been covering this, but I am particularly disturbed by the lack of any action on this issue.

Will fines be imposed on the culprits for repeat offenses? My patience is running out in this matter. I know that many neighbors have complained...

Please, if you can escalate this matter at all, many families and individuals will sleep well one of these nights. Thank you for your time.

Jimmy, I have now escalated this matter to Slog-level alert status. Good luck to you, good luck to "the Highland Park Action Committee leadership which has been in frequent touch with CalPortland," good luck to the folks at CalPortland who may or may not be the source of this mystery hum, and best of luck to all the pleading neighbors like yourself and Laura, who told the WSB, in a comment thread full of hum talk: "Really wish this would stop!"