Man, the 2008 model is so much better than the 2012 model:

Mitt Romney, of course, has backed away from Richard Mourdock's claims that if a rape results in pregnancy, "it's something God intended." But he's still endorsing Mourdock. John McCain has the decency to know that that's morally wrong.

In other Mourdock news, ThinkProgress points out that a certain segment of the population probably hasn't heard his name today:

As of 1:30 pm, Fox News had not mentioned Richard Mourdock or the word “rape” in connection to Mourdock even once. In comparison, other cable networks are covering Mourdock and the fallout from his comments exhaustively. MSNBC mentioned “rape” in 15 segments about Mourdock, while CNN mentioned it 22 times.

You know a story is dangerous to Republicans when Fox News goes all omertà over it.