Not Everyone Disagreed With My Advice for LIFE


It would take LIFE's partner having an abnormally higher-evolved consciousness to appreciate the intention and sentiment of her lying to him to see his reaction. "Wow! I really see the error of my ways and am okay with you having an abortion...thanks for that little experiment, honey." In fact, most men - however they would answer the abortion question - are not going to appreciate or forgive the lying.
Dudes can get yeast infections and UTIs. Not vaginally, true, but still. Also: prostate cancer.
izimbert: But gay men have lower incidence rates of prostate cancer because of all teh buttsecks and the masturbating.
More relevant, I guess, as gay men are less likely to make babies accidentally.
Yeah Planned Parenthood.....

Cause it is so important to have backup you can count on when you decide to take out your 3 month old unborn baby.

those little fuckers are a lot tougher than they look......
It was still terrible advice. But it's okay, usually your advice is really good. Just let it got. She got what she wanted without lying.
I mean, just let it go*
I think the simplest solution is, if you are a pro-choice, pro-contraceptives, pro-women's rights, heterosexual woman... don't have sex with a man who doesn't also support those things. On a practical level, it saves you from having tedious arguments and on an emotional level it punishes him for being an asshole.
With regards to the last article:

"Basically this: Conservatives tend to change their positions on specific "controversial" social issues when "it" happens to them."

Yeah, for their particular instance, nothing more.

The phrase "fuck you, I've got mine" exists for a reason. They'd drive their mistress/daughter to another state and continue criminalizing abortion and murdering women who can't get a safe abortion in theirs.
"It kills me when MEN—the ones who don't get pregnant, don't carry a life inside them for 9 months and suffer all that goes with it, don't have monthly periods, don't get vaginal yeast infections or UTIs, don't have the health concerns we do thanks to our plumbing—dictate so flippantly what a woman can and can't do with her body, and are so willing to kill our access to affordable health care."

It should REALLY kill you how many women want the same for you, because they're more than willing to tolerate this bullshit.
@8 same here. I go further than that as well. I do not count people as my friends who think they can tell others how to live life, mostly because they are normally a little annoying in every other way too (or I'm biased).
I support PP too, but this LW seems shortsighted. There are plenty of men who support abortion rights and plenty of women who don't. Also, yes, women are subject to more gender-specific diseases than men do, but men do have a few to worry about.

@9 is right. Too much of the time, "it" happening to a person just makes the person make an excuse or exception. Also, one of the good things about Christians is the focus on forgiveness. It's okay to have had an abortion in your past somewhere if you're convincingly SORRY about it. That's how so many "pro-family" politicians keep their supporters after affairs and other shenanigans.
@9,12 "if you're convincingly SORRY about it"

Perhaps that is the key: We should be pushing to repeal all limitations on abortion and replace them with a requirement that the woman sign an affidavit of regret within a year of the procedure.
This is great and all, but give me the HUMP films list!!!
@3- please cite the source of your info. I find nothing to that effect, nor have I ever heard of such a thing.
What's odd is that on either side, there are plenty of people who want to allow/restrict abortion in general but who, when faced with an unexpected pregnancy would never, ever get an abortion/take the first available abortion appointment.
Once, when I was young and dumb, I went hitchhiking up to the North East. This older couple (45ish... I was young, so they seemed old) picked me up, and I swear it was for the sole purpose of me giving them my approval for an abortion. They saw me as a young, hippy femme who would grant them absolution. They were a firmly Catholic pro-life couple with three grown kids, but the wife found herself pregnant again at 44. They really wanted an abortion but had spent all their lives trying to prevent women from being able to get them.
Of course men need health care, no one disputes that. And PP helps men too! But women do experience a lot more problems, on average, related to their sexual anatomy. I could regale you with tales of UTIs, kidney infections, the IUD that gave me Vicodin-resistant cramps, and all the other hormonal contraceptive side effects like crippling depression from depo provera. I don't even think my experiences are that bad, compared to others. Endometriosis comes to mind. Etc etc
@16 I remember reading this somewhere once, not particularly about gay men, but it was a survey of frequency-of-ejaculation versus incidence of prostate cancer. Anyway, according to the alleged study/survey (and I have no idea if they controlled for age or other things), those men who ejaculated least frequently had the highest level of prostate cancer.

Now, of course, this raises the question of which is the cause of which, etc. Perhaps having something wrong with your prostate ruins your interest in ejaculating? Someone with better Google Foo than me might turn up some actual references.
@16, @20 This might be it:…

The article says, " Most categories of ejaculation frequency were unrelated to risk of prostate cancer. However, high ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total prostate cancer. "

Any parent who says to a daughter, "If you come home pregnant, I'm kicking you out of the house," is not Christian and has no understanding whatsoever of how the Jesus they claim to follow would want them to treat their daughter. If Jesus does exist, he's weeping because of followers such as these.
I understood what Dan was going for, I just thought it wouldn't work. Even if it caused him to rethink his position in the moment, he'd probably be so pissed at her for lying about it (and rightfully so) that he'd break up with her whether or not his mind had changed. It would be like telling someone that you had AIDS to convince them to use condoms with you and telling them afterward that you don't actually have AIDS you just wanted them to use condoms with you.
@22: "Any parent who says to a daughter, "If you come home pregnant, I'm kicking you out of the house," is not Christian and has no understanding whatsoever of how the Jesus they claim to follow would want them to treat their daughter. If Jesus does exist, he's weeping because of followers such as these."

Self-ascription is all that matters. They call themselves Christian, they ARE.
@17, the idea that somebody could be personally against an abortion, but OK with not forcing their beliefs onto others is the essence of the pro-choice argument.

I, personally, would only have an abortion to save my own life, but it is not my place to tell another woman what she can or cannot do with her own body and life. It's not hypocritical because I realize that my situation is not the same as another's and it is not my place to tell another how to live her life or what decisions to make for her own body, just as I would not want another to tell me how to live or to make decisions for me regarding my life or body.

Now, those who would deny others the right to their own body, while simultaneously insisting their own daughters, girlfriends, wives, etc., get abortions are being hypocritical.