Clarification: Elysian Brewing Company Owners Are "100 Percent" Supportive of Marriage Equality and Ref-74


and they have great beer...
No you don't have to wear your heart on your sleeve, or political leanings in this case. I am very happy with the way The Elysian has handled this. Kudos to them and their great beers!
But are they 100% supportive of passing a health inspection at their restaurant on Pike?

The last time they passed one was in 2008, and the last time they failed one (the 9th failed inspection in a row) was 4 months ago.

I like Men's Room but you couldn't pay me to eat there.
I too am voting for Obama, Inslee, R74 and don't have any yard signs. That is just who I am.
Wait, you're telling me these fine, upstanding small businessmen--nay, job creators--are voting for Obama?! What about his job-killing taxes!??!
If they support I-502 I'll make the next 5 years of beer Elysian
@3, Back in 2006 I got sick eating the Mac and Cheese there. But the beer is great
I'm so sick of hearing about the three straight girls who have been bar crawling for R74. I was on a bar crawl with them and they were so damn ineffective. These three girls also caused drama with Purr. Please ladies, either do what you came out to do, or stop causing drama with businesses in our community who do actually support us.

Who cares if they're cute? They were too obsessed with the fact that Slog wrote about them to actually make a difference and talk to any potential voters. They're actually causing more harm than good at this point. There are so many other straight , gay, lesbian, and otherwise affiliated people volunteering their time and being effective. Get over it.