HUMP! 2012 Update


Got our tix for the 1st Friday night--can't wait!
What is it...five, six years for that same clip art?

Got my tickets! Can't wait!
@2 - She has a 7 on her shirt for a reason. Her boobs are down there; show some respect.
Second year, and it's not clip art -- Randy and Kaija, local dancers. Surely you can find something else in Slog to bitch about.
Seriously #2? You are complaining about that picture. Wow. What has the world come to when we start complaining about a little bottom-boob and a hot dude with his shirt off. Jesus christ.
Dude looks like David Belle. Please tell me David Belle is going to be doing nude parkour in one of the HUMP films this year. (((crossing fingers)))
Dan Savage, please tell me there's some way to purchase some or all of the HUMP! entries for private home use. I would LOVE to come (literally), but you're in Seattle and I'm way the hell over here in Western Maryland, where my stupid red county is probably going to vote 2 to 1 for Mittens. I know my state will go blue, but... OMG, I'm so frustrated! I'm dying here! Help a brother out...
@8: Nope, you have to be at a screening to see HUMP. There are no DVDs, no releases online—except when filmmakers decide to post the films themselves. Otherwise, you gotta be at HUMP! to get HUMP!ed.
Dude, you're bumming me out :(
How do I volunteer to work with this event, I work sex and kink themed events through out the city of portland, organizer, door giirl, production, security, pretty face. I want to this to my list of events involved with and, of course meet with Mr Savage.