Jamie Dupree brings up a great point. The Romney campaign has $169 million dollars on hand. There's less than two weeks to go until Election Day. Why is Paul Ryan still going to Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Alabama for fancy fundraisers, when he should be at rallies in swing states?

There are rumblings out there that the Romney campaign is going to run half-hour infomercials on all the major networks before Election Day, the way the Obama campaign did in 2008. Maybe they need the money for that? Or is Romney just pathologically addicted to making money? Or—and this could be the most likely scenario—is Paul Ryan a net loss in swing states? He's the most unpopular vice presidential pick since Dan Quayle. Moderates tend to hate him. Is the Romney campaign simply keeping Ryan busy in order to hide him from the independent voters in swing states? Seems likely to me.