Overheard in the HUMP! Jury Room


Tease :p
Such a hard working bunch there at The Stranger. And never a dull moment either. It would be fascinating to see your full job descriptions.
Damn it Savage! Post the results! I'm supposed to be working and can't get anything done because you keep drawing this out!
@2 Hey, I think this part of the job probably isn't as easy or glamorous as it sounds.

You have to meticulously watch and evaluate hundreds (thousands?) of amateur porn submissions, featuring all kinds of sex acts, many of which probably don't even come close to turning you on. Not to mention there's probably a ton of bad camera work, bad lighting, and other stuff that can make any kind of film difficult to watch.

And it's gotta be difficult to pick who actually gets in. I mean, how do you evaluate anal fisting vs. knife play vs. hetero gangbangs, while at the same time evaluating for things like cinematography, humor, sincerity and originality? I tell ya, it sounds like hard work to me.

But it's a labor of love, and it makes for one hell of a festival. Stranger porn reviewers, I salute you.
Oooh, I think I know which video inspired the first comment! ;-)
@2 Hard working or working hard?
@6 Seems to me that it is both. At least for the guys.
@4 - I sincerely want that job. And I could even keep my hands above the table.
Yay! Decision has been made, if you made it in, you should have gotten an email.
Ummmm how about results? Thought they'd be posted 2 hours ago...
@10: We are emailing everyone who submitted.
i am so jealous.. i live on the other side of the planet and i don't get to see HUMP!
Does everyone who submitted get an email even if their film hasn't been selected? Also, will all of those emails get sent tonight?
@ 13... "everyone who submitted" answers your question. We didn't make it in either this year, god knows why. And we even involved a moving vehicle and a tireswing! Eagerly awaiting the prop announcement for next year so we can get Humping! again.
I thought "everyone who submitted" answered my question too....but still there have been no emails. I am assuming it means we didn't get in, but it would be nice to get that confirmed in an email so I can move on and stop thinking about it :)