Storm on Saturn


I'm sure glad Africans were so instrumental in getting us there and...oh, wait.
Taking a moment to formally lodge my protest w/ Mr. Charles Mudede, for ceasing the use of those awesome emoticons made for him by a fan. This deserves the "Space! It's s fuckin' cool" or wtvr the o wow emoticon was called. Plus plz. post those again, there were funny.

Back on topic: this video = awesome. Like original awesome, as pointed out by Eddie Izzard, not hot dog awesome.
I was hoping for more footage of the storm. Actually, I was hoping solely for footage of the storm. Lots and lots of storm footage.
"ACE is the place. For me."

God bless you, John Madden, wherever you are.
Ha! At first I thought the headline was "Storm on Santorum". Then I scrolled down and saw that image of a giant frothy cloud.
It must suck to have a mandate to try to popularize your unearthly research to an audience that doesn't particularly care about anything that isn't on Earth. "Can you imagine what that might feel like sitting on your deck?" How embarrassing.
@6 -- In her defense, she is speaking to people who barely understand where Saturn is while simultaneously plotting the trajectory of a robotic probe for the next fifteen years, all without giggling every time she comes across the word "probe."

Haha... she said probe.
I think you meant to type the word "breathe" not "breath", which is a noun and not the verb.

clearly the intellectual powerhouse of The Stranger and all of Seattle.
Thanks Charles.

This post - a distant planet - took me far away from the polls and such.