Friday Photo Fun: The Stranger's First Quadrennial Voting Party


Dropped off my ballot this morning.
This is why I fell in love with Seattle. Great people!
I got a high 5 from the ref when I put my ballot in the box. Way more fun than lining up in a school gymnasium to vote like the old days.
Impressed that so many people apparently were able to vote without the help of the cheat sheet.
you dare desecrate the flag?.....
Sheriff candidate John Urquhart was also there and gave a rousing speech about the importance of police protecting LGBT rights. He won a lot of votes that night, and I strongly encourage Sloggers to research the endorsements of each candidate for sheriff.
@4 Who said we didn't use cheat sheets? Look at the pictures. Cheat sheets were readily available to anyone who wanted them. Because The Stranger is helpful that way.
If you believe that voting for a third-party candidate for president is "wasting your vote", Lawrence O'Donnell has a message for you.
Probably best that my face was blocked in the photo by the much more attractive person next to me.