That means one first class stamp.
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  • That means one first class stamp, King County.
The instructions on your King County ballot return envelope are pretty clear. ("Affix first class stamp.") Still! We've been getting questions. So has the Secretary of State's office, and now it wants to lay those questions to rest with this handy chart of all the ballot return postage fees in all the counties in Washington State.

Spoiler alert: One first class stamp is all that's required if you're mailing your ballot in any county other than Franklin or Kitsap.

My favorite part of this chart, however, is the astersisk that takes you to this helpful bit of additional information: "Please note: This is the amount of postage if the voter returns the ballot, security envelope, and mailing envelope. If other materials are added, additional postage may be required."

I'd love to see the collection of "other materials" voters add to their ballots each year.