Staff Meal at Canlis Looks Really Good


"My grandfather didn't understand why fine dining was so formal and had all this pretension around it.", says the owner of the only Seattle restaurant that requires a suit jacket.

Best part of Canlis is trying to get onto Aurora Ave after polishing off a $100 bottle of wine! Love it. Great place…….and yes, put on a fucking jacket. You can be a Seattle slob-hobo elsewhere.
I would pay to go to a family meal. Looks good and fun. But outsiders would ruin the concept.
This looks a little bit better than a place I worked where the staff meal was dumped on a self-serve hot line in the basement across from the shitters, and then left to congeal. We called it the "staff infection."
Canlis as a restaurant has gone up and down over the years, but they are increasingly a beacon for the rest of the working world. You wish you worked there. @1, put on a fucking decent jacket for once in your life, it won't hurt you. You might even like it. I have never received less pretentious service than one of the star meals I've had at Canlis. Expensive though.
It is the best restaurant in the city. No question. I agree wholeheartedly with Fnarf with one exception: I believe it is underpriced for the level of attention I have always received when visiting Canlis. Quality costs money. What really hurts is when quality is absent. We are fortunate to have the quality that Canlis offers. They deserve our business.