I've been in New York since Wednesday evening. My husband and I came to visit friends, do a little cookbook promotion, and eat everything at Momofuku Milk Bar. It was supposed to be a fun, relaxing, awesome vacation.

There have been a few bumps.

Thursday night, we watched a woman swim out to the middle of the East River and let herself drift off to sea. Helicopters and police boats searched for her, her body, for nearly two hours. Divers stood by waiting for the call to go in the disgustingly brown water, but they never found any sign of her. We stood there next to the river, watching the current, telling the police what we saw over and over again, but we didn't see enough to be of any help. We just saw her drift away, silently and without a struggle.

We were supposed to fly out of LaGuardia tomorrow morning but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOPE. We were able to get out of the city before the trains were shut down—we came up to Connecticut to visit some friends and try to escape the worst part of the storm. While here, we figured we had a chance to do whatever it is the opposite of storm chasing is, so we rented a car, booked a flight out of Akron and figured we'd take a little road trip. After less than an hour on the road they shut down all the highways in the state.

Now we're at a Holiday Inn outside of Hartford waiting for winds that are supposed to reach 90+ MPH. It's starting to rain harder, but it still isn't incredibly windy. The Denny's and Starbucks are both closed because of the storm. We have granola bars, Swedish candy from Sockerbit in the West End (go there, it's great!), two large bottles of water, and I'm currently downloading the latest episode of Walking Dead, so NO ONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.

And please, no one else drift away to sea.