Rumor: City Council Members Are Gearing Up to Veto Eastlake Transit Option


And so the 99 Deeply Unpaid-For Tunnel continues to suck up all the transit and road money in the region.

Hey, it's not like it matters, right?

You'll love being trapped in a tunnel below sea level when the 9.0 hits and the power goes out for weeks. As the pumps fail, the air fails, and you realize nobody is going to get you out of there in a city where half the buildings have collapsed.

Enjoy living in a Paradise for the Rich, paid for by the 99 percent.
Maybe Shelly DaRonche shouldn't have built something that requires high capacity transit in an area that didn't already have it.

I'd much rather see the slut go up Westlake to fremont/ballard than eastlake.
"...because it would link downtown and South Lake Union directly to the UW."

Yea, because now, it's practically impossible to catch a bus from the U-District to downtown that goes via Eastlake. And when light rail starts, who's going to take that?

Come on! Investment needs to be where there demand, yes, but also where there's un-met need. There is no un-met need in that corridor. It's over-served.
@3: it is NOT over served, as anyone who packs onto those buses knows. and as most of the buses are expresses, getting from UW to hutch or anywhere on eastlake is tougher than getting downtown.

NOT extending the streetcar up eastlake to 45th, minimum, is an absurd decision, but completely in keeping with the city council's bizarre, piecemeal transportation agenda.
@3: in the future, if I'm at campus parkway and the Ave and want to get to the south lake union area (and I don't want to take a bike), I likely will not want to walk up to the 43rd Link station, go down to the platform, wait, ride to Convention Place Station, and then walk to south lake union. I'd rather take a quick streetcar ride.
It was fucked up when they didn't have the fucking streetcar go all the way up to the U Distirct when they first put it in and we were flush with money everyone wanted to spend.
They've talked about cutting that money in order to spend it on bicycle projects, which sounds like a very neat attempt to pit two constituencies against each other.
This is more anti-McGinn pro-car bullshit. I'm no fan of the stupid extremism that McGinn is a fan of (I'm not going to donate to the Cascade Bike Club anytime soon) but at the same time this is just idiot point scoring against McGinn by the Council.

We can't get district elections fast enough to throw these clowns out in favor of representation that will actually work.
If I read the TMP carefully enough, the first phase is to figure out, of all the transit corridors in Seattle, which ones offer the most bang-for-buck. Then those ones are funded to study the best mode for each corridor. So this would be wrangling over which corridors make the cut and which don't, not whether streetcars should be included, right?

P.S. Shelly is not director of Hutch, she is director of facilities.
@3 actually, only the 70 lets you off before Westlake Mall. 49 goes on the other side of I-5 and there aren't a lot of crossover points.
$2 mil for 10,700 new transit riders is just not enough money. The deep bore tunnel cost over $1 billion per 10,000 cars, transit should cost at least 10 times that.
Wow, it amazes me that some of our council members would be so ignorant of their own city's geography.
@10: 66.
@6 we weren't THAT flush with money. I think they would have gladly extended the SLUT north already, but to do so they would essentially need to entirely rebuild the Fairview Ave. bridge in front of Zymogenetics, driving up the costs considerably. That is one scary (and smelly) bridge.