What Do You Think of the New I-502 Ad?


It is going to cost us votes for those who were "on the fence" about voting to pass I-502.

Sure, they new about this question but to have it put in front of the knuckle dragging voter isn't going to help.
For me, the elephant in the room is the cops who profit from the drug war. They like destroying people's lives & taking their money. They're the true 'organized crime.' They don't want to concentrate on violent crime, they want to make their money the easy way.

Pot is a young adult man's drug.

18 to 26 is by far the majority of the user base.

I think legalizing marijuana is the worst idea yet. I know that is a highly unpopular position, and that most people will (or already have) berated me about it or made comments about the level of my IQ. I'm glad my self esteem is ok. I-502 is going to raise the cost of weed. People already are selling it illegally, and they're not going to stop just because someone can buy it in a smoke shop. They will stay in business selling to minors who can't get it in a shop (if you're going to do it, you will, regardless of whether it's legal, and there is always a market for illegal) or to people who don't want to pay $14 a gram when you can buy 3 for $20 from the guy down the block. I'm curious to see how many DUIs come up from people who think they're still cool to drive, and find out that 5ng of THC is a damn small amount to have in your bloodstream. It's already the lowest priority, with not one case prosecuted in Seattle since 2009.
I think the actual elephant in the room is the instant DUI for people under 21 who have anything above 0.0 nanograms of THC in their blood after a traffic stop test, if we're talking about how young people will be affected.
@4) You're right, the cost of marijuana could possibly, maybe go up--even though the initiative calls on the state to create a taxing structure specifically to undercut the black market--and so we should keep arresting black and Latino men at three times the rate of white people. It makes perfect sense... to greedy profiteers in Seattle.
@4: I'm not aware of a burgeoning black market for tobacco or alcohol, even though both are consumed pretty rampantly by minors. It seems more likely that people are going to do the same thing they do with those two - buy them in stores, legally, and then illegally distribute them to minors. We'll see what the prices look like, but simply being legal carries a benefit that may make up for any price difference.
You can't compare pot to liquor and tobacco, #7, but nice try. People are going to smoke weed (or drink or smoke cigarettes, or whatever) regardless of the legality behind it. I don't see this as anything other than pot smokers who want to legitimize their addiction/habits. And if you think it will stop profiling, #6, good luck, because I predict that what we will see if this passes is an increase in DUI arrests for those same minority groups, who will be prosecuted. The price will go up, if you read your voter's guide, to $12-14 per gram.
I keep reading this elephant in the room analogy that really has nothing to do with the I-502 bill. If i am not mistaken , this bill is to legalize the use of canibus for recreational use for persons of the age of 21 or older. It allso requires these 21 or older adults to use it in the confines of thier homes and dose not allow public exibition of its use. It requires a seperate licence to grow , sell , manufacture, and distribute it. There would be state taxes imposed upon the end user, and i would probally suspect local taxes to follow. The only thing i would be concerned with is the federal legislatures , which classifies canibus as a more dangerous drug then what they have been selling and taxing since the end of probation. They have no evidence, just a lot of B.s. they have been brain washed into beliving. Just as we american civilens have been. It is time to be honest. It is time to say no to coruption. Time to flush down the drain the lying politicians. time to take back america.